Do you need someone to clean out a Squat, Squalor or an Abandoned Property or a Hoarder? All Gone Extreme Clean is who you need!
Unfortunately in today's society tenants and or home owners due to the circumstances at a certain time in their lives can vacate a property leaving behind a substantial amount of mess and damage which can include:
  • Bags containing human feces
  • Bottles containing human urine
  • Stained mattresses
  • Broken furniture
  • Food left behind in fridges and cupboards
  • Dead animals which may contain maggots
  • Overflowing toilets and sinks
  • General rubbish and mess
This work is intense and definitely not for the faint-hearted At All Gone Extreme Clean, our staff enter the premises of a squat, squalor or abandoned property completely covered from head to toe in protective clothing, including goggles, breathing apparatuses, double gloved with all the necessary equipment and tools to be able to decontaminate and clean the affected areas.
Under no circumstances should an untrained and unprepared individual clean out squats, squalor or abandoned properties.  The health risks attached to these situations are at an extremely high level with increasing risks of contracting a serious and possibly life threatening disease or illness. Not only is the stench horrific but the actual contents of some of the properties can contain biohazardous waste, including all types of human and animal bodily fluids and excrement.
At All Gone Extreme Clean we have the experience to deal with these situations, and realise that the contents do belong to people and sometimes items are found that can be very distressing, people who leave photos, clothing, toys, DVD's etc; so this does become very real, not only is it a hazard to your health, it can have a psychological effect on you as well.




Hoarding is defined as the acquisition of and inability to discard items, even though they apprear (to others) to have no value. Hoarding behaviour has been observed in several neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia, demetia, eating disorders, autism, and mental retardation as well as in nonclinical populations. Compulsive hoarding is most commonly driven by obsessional fears of losing important items that the patient believes will be needed later, distorted beliefs about the importance of possessions excessive acquisition and exaggerated emotional attachments to possessions. Compulsive hoarding and saving leads to clutter that can cover living and work places, rendering them unusable. Hoarding frequently causes significant impairment in social and occupational functioning. In severe cases, it can produce health risks from infestations, falls, fires and inability to cook or eat in the home.


This requires a specialist to deal with the cleaning up of the Hoarders home and any other issues they may be suffering. All Gone Extreme Clean have been dealing with more and more of these Hoarders homes. Please do not try to do this yourself, we are trained to deal with all levels of Hoarding.