All Gone Extreme Clean are Forensic Cleaning, Crime Scene Cleaning and Trauma Cleaning Specialists. As Forensic Cleaners we deal with :
  • Crime scenes
  • Suicides
  • Homicides
  • Blood and bodily fluid clean up
  • Unattended deaths where decomposition has occurred
  • Natural or Accidental deaths
  • Trauma scenes and sites
For Grieving Families
At the most difficult time of your life when a family member or friend has died in a home, motel or any other property either they have  been murdered or have committed suicide; cleaning the affected area will simply add to your trauma, not to mention exposing you to dangerous infections through blood and air borne pathogens.
All Gone Extreme Clean can offer you sensitivity and support at this difficult time. Also for complete discretion we attend scenes where possible in unmarked cars so that we do not draw unwanted attention to the situation.
Depression is the main source of suicide so if you, your family or a friend is suffering from this please speak to the suicide hotline or contact your family doctor who will offer you assistance!
Why choose All Gone Extreme Clean for forensic and crime scene cleaning:
Crime scenes need to be cleaned correctly.
There is no such thing as a 'surface' clean with forensic cleaning, it is meticulous work that ensures all your scenes and premises are hygienic and safe, rather then just visually clean. Even just one remaining blood speck or airborne pathogen can pose serious health risks, with occupants risking HIV infection, tuberculosis, hepatitis C, herpes virus, E. coli and more.
Every forensic / crime scene cleaner is a trained professional.
All the staff at All Gone Extreme Clean, have undergone mandatory training according to the government regulations to be able to deal with and dispose of anything deemed to be biohazard waste which includes: blood, tissue and human bodily fluids etc. Biohazardous wastes are considered a highly dangerous source of infection and disease and should only be cleaned, removed and disposed of by trained professionals such as All Gone Extreme Clean, who hold all necessary licenses and insurances and meet all government standards.
Every crime scene cleaner has the right personality and mannerisms to deal with these delicate situations.
At All Gone Extreme Clean we do our job in the most sensitive and supportive way possible. We completely understand that we are meeting you at a difficult time. Our staff have the skills and knowledge to be able to empathise and communicate effectively with you and listen to your grief and then communicate with the police and coroners at scenes when required.
Every forensic / crime scene cleaner will come completely equipped to return each scene or premises to its pre-incident state.
The staff at All Gone Extreme Clean will come equipped with protective clothing, respirators / breathing apparatuses , safety goggles, biohazard waste containers, industrial grade cleaning supplies, deodorisers, tools and necessary equipment to clean the scene efficiently and return it to its pre-trauma condition.